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"After many years of trying to loose weight (and failing) I went to Ellen. She listened to my issues and concerns and put me on the right path to a healthy and productive diet. It has been 3 months since I first visited her and I am now a stable healthy weight (lost 13kgs and kept it off). I also feel better, have more energy and my skin has got better too. So pleased that I found her as she has helped reach and go beyond my goals, supported me the whole way and given me a new way to enjoy food, (who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!). Thank you Ellen, the weight is staying off and I feel so good! " TRACEY

" Can’t recommend Ellen enough!!! For years I’ve been struggling with weight issues due to PCOS and also Suffering with severe Rosacea on my face, a couple of visits with Ellen and I finally feel like I’ve found out what my underlying issues were and how to conquer them " NADIA